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Digital Alchemy is a team of hospitality veterans who create industry-leading CRM solutions for world-class hotels, spas and resorts. Our passion for the hospitality industry has driven us to develop digital marketing solutions that drive revenue and empower property management teams to raise the bar for guests like never before.

CRM Revenue Cycle


Personalized, branded and dynamic emails are sent automatically throughout the entire guest experience from pre-stay to post check-out all the way through to the next booking.

  • Reservation Confirmation
  • Cancellation Confirmation
  • Pre-Stay Marketing
  • Thank-You Note & Comment Card
  • Upgrade Manager
  • On-Property Messaging
  • Bounce Back Offer
  • Email Campaign


Benefits for guests:

  • Personally tailored stay and experience
  • Instant service dynamic two-way mobile messaging
  • Personalized and tailored communications, giving them confidence in their decision

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